“ Make the rest of your life the best of your life ”

Sometimes happiness is a feeling, sometimes is a decision.

And so it turned out for us. In 2011 our traveling journey had halted once we came across Vilcabamba and succumbed to its beauty. Its perfect spring-like weather all year around, the clean air and water and a healthy and affordable lifestyle made us decide to call it our home .


The best decision we've ever made. We found this 1 hectare piece of land 15 minutes drive from the centre, fell head over heels with its magnificent views and put Fintan's building knowledge and creative talent to work.

The past 9 years have been a complete labour of love which have seen the plot of land transformed  into a charming hamlet with two houses, a natural swimming pool at its heart, a coffee plantation at its feet, producing fruit trees and hard wood trees all around. 

Now that life is calling us near our family in Europe, the whole Finca Feliz is looking for new guardians to continue the dream.