Biba, Fintan, Camila and Noa

camila and noa.jpg

Fintan is a professional builder from England with over 25 years experience in house restorations.

Finca Feliz is his very first project where he started from scratch, a proud display of his masterful ability to design and utilise spaces, with a meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail maintaining the spirit of local setting.




Biba is from Italy and this was her first project where she applied her artistic eye and love of aesthetics as an interior designer and gardener.

It's been a labour of love from beginning to the end. Every detail contains the harmony of purpose and charm.



Camila is their 6 year old daughter. Highly spirited and lovable, she began her life journey from this very house. Born at 3am on July 26th 2014 in the living room of Casa Feliz.

Noa Jolie joined the trio on September 21st 2019. They call her Miracle-baby as she entered the world three months premature, spreading joy and smiles ever since.